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Cody William Smith

Cody William Smith is a professional Photographer and Director of Photography. Originally from Reno Nevada, he moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and earned his BFA in Cinema from Columbia College in 2012. As a photographer he specializes in landscape, fine art, and environmental portraiture. He also freelances as a gaffer, 1st AC, and photography assistant.

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I don’t understand people who truly believe we should not have stricter guns laws. I just don’t get it. Especially within the Christian community. As if Christ would support the second amendment.

Christ encouraged his followers to sell their extra clothes to buy swords believe it or not. So yes I think he would. God in many instances supported the Jews having weapons to defend themselves. Could David have bested Goliath without his sling?

Ah yes, the whole of Christ’s message of peace, nonviolence, and loving one’s enemies negated by a single verse taken out of context.


My fav thing about tumblr is the complete lack of country music it makes me feel like this is where I should be

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